Quitt® Nicotine Gum

Our expertise in developing and manufacturing effective nicotine gum for tobacco cessation has positioned us as the world’s leading B2B CDMO partner in nicotine chewing gum.

Nicotine chewing gum and other NRT products have been around for decades, but 80% of the worldwide potential is still untapped, meaning that the global market is still in its infancy. As the health dangers involved with smoking come under increasing global focus, this potential is bound to become more accessible.



Nicotine chewing gum has become the most popular nicotine replacement product worldwide. It provides an instant, self-controllable effect, and it is discreet and easy to administer “on the go”, complying perfectly with a modern lifestyle.

At Fertin Pharma, we have the know-how and infrastructure to handle the significant potential, offering nicotine chewing gum solutions to all corners of the globe. We have recently developed our own nicotine chewing gum range (Quitt®), a product that is available for license and supply. For more information about our Quitt® range, download the fact sheet below.

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