Explore new pharmaceutical opportunities with a new and unique delivery system.

Within the pharmaceutical industry, the discovery of new APIs is very complex and expensive. At the same time generic competition is on the rise.

Hence, maximizing value with existing compounds remains an important driver of revenue and profit growth. Introducing a new and innovative drug delivery form like medicated chewing gum for an existing product/brand can provide a competitive advantage to help maintain/grow sales and to minimize generic erosion after patent expiry.

chewing gum - pharmaceutical applications


At the same time, the right drug delivery system is critical to the success of a pharmaceutical product. Introducing medicated chewing gum to existing pharmaceutical product lines can create additional tangible patient benefits that cannot be attained through other drug delivery systems.
All new medicated chewing gum products (except for NRT) utilize our patented multi-layer compressed chewing gum technology, Medichew®.

Some of the therapeutic areas that we have focused on include; Allergy, Cough and Cold, Pain, Gastrointestinal and Oral Care. For more information, download the fact sheet below.

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