We have developed a range of caffeinated chewing gum concepts, all designed to provide the user with a boost of energy.

The most important feature of this concept is the speed in which the effect is manifested. This is a result of the fast delivery of our Medichew® gum technology together with the fast absorption provided by chewing gum in general.

Energy chewing gum

Energy chewing gum

The concept of an energy chewing gum is quite versatile, and it caters to a wide adult consumer base including students (18 years and older), office workers, truck drivers, athletes, and anyone needing a quick energy or concentration boost.

Our energy chewing gums are available with varying caffeine content (25mg, 32mg, 50mg & 100mg) together with b vitamins. To learn more about our 50mg energy gum, download the fact sheet below.

Availability of formulations are subject to local regulation.

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