Proud to be supporting healthy living

Proud to be supporting healthy living

Proud to be supporting healthy living

Christopher Lambert, Head of Legal & IPR, Fertin Pharma

The number of Fertin Pharma patents is high.  And many more to come. Christopher Lambert is Head of Legal&IPR and chief responsible for the IP work at Fertin Pharma. As part of our ‘Proud to support healthy living’ series, providing insights into the life and work in our company, we asked Christopher to tell more about the IP work at Fertin Pharma.

Why are Intellectual Property rights (IP) important to Fertin Pharma?

IP is important in all pharma companies since it provides a sound pillar for future business. In our company, we invest heavily in R&D to come up with the most effective and groundbreaking drug delivery solutions for a wide range of pharmaceuticals and supplements. IP rights and patents protect our know-how and guarantees that our customers get a unique, high-quality and proven product.

How do you work with IP?

IP is an integral part of our product development process and the way we do business. Fertin currently holds a portfolio of close to 100 registered patents and applications covering key development in key markets and more are in the pipeline. As an example, we hold the largest patent portfolio on compressed gum. I am proud of our IP work as it testifies to our high innovation, specialization and inventiveness.

What are the challenges surrounding IP right now?

In today’s globalized market place and with new competitors emerging, IP rights are more important than ever. It is not only a question of securing our rights, but also enforcing the rights, which take up more and more of our time. This means that we keep a close eye on competition and take action if required.

What are the opportunities in IP for your customers?

Our IP rights are important to our customers. They get a unique product, often developed in close cooperation between our R&D team and the customer’s team. Our close monitoring of the market ensures that our customers do not risk violating competitors’ IP rights, which is just as important. Worst case, 5-6 years of development could be wasted.

What’s your next step?

As we are moving into other delivery platforms, like for instance our new Zapliq® fast liquefiable tablet,, and diversifying into fields like dietary supplements and over-the-counter medicines, our IP work becomes even more critical. We currently have a large number of patent applications pending in markets ranging from the US to Japan. So we are currently very busy securing Fertin and our customers a unique position and sufficient freedom to operate for years to come.

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