Proud to be supporting healthy living

Proud to be supporting healthy living

Proud to be supporting healthy living

Jesper Neergaard, Senior Principal Scientist

Close to 100 colleagues in Fertin Pharma work in innovation, inventing new, pleasurable and convenient drug delivery systems for the global population. Jesper Neergaard is Senior Principal Scientist, and as part of our ‘Proud to support healthy living’ series we asked Jesper to tell us more about innovation at Fertin Pharma.

Jesper, you are a chemical engineer and has worked at Fertin Pharma for 16 years, why?

Continuous change, new personal opportunities, interesting projects and relentless professionalism – these are some of the key factors that have kept me on the Fertin team for 16 years. In 2011, we opened an innovation hub in India, which adds a strong international dimension to my job as well.

What’s in the innovation pipeline right now?

We have three main tracks in our development work right now. First, we focus on new delivery platforms, e.g. our newly released Zapliq® platform, a fast liquefiable tablet, which can be swallowed like water within seconds. Secondly, we are diversifying from our strong base in nicotine into a range of other applications, for instance caffeine, nutraceuticals and other supplements suitable for oral delivery. Thirdly, we are moving into new markets, notably in Asia, which require the invention and further development of brand new sensory experiences, flavors and a tailored marketing approach that matches consumers’ preferences.

What is the most interesting innovation project you have worked with?

If I should highlight one very interesting innovation project, it would be our recent portfolio of bio-gums that we developed a couple of years ago. I am sure you have heard about the problems with gum litter in nature and on city streets and pavements. This led us to develop a patented bio-degradable gum-base, which is now finding its way into different products.

You have a strong heritage in gum. Can you keep innovating in this field?

It might be difficult to imagine that a small piece of chewing gum contains a lot of innovation, but the development of our gum never stops. Unlike many other gum manufacturers, we produce our own gum base, which is constantly being further developed in terms of optimizing taste, mouth feel and its capability to release various substances over time, which is a key feature of our pharma portfolio.

What are the three top priorities in your innovation approach?

It is very simple: efficacy, convenience and safety. And, if I may add a fourth? That would be co-creation with our customers.

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