Go for gum to boost your energy business

Go for gum to boost your energy business

Energy gum is a quick and convenient delivery system for that all-important caffeine-induced pick-me-up at the office, behind the wheel or at the gym.

Coffee and other energy drinks are hugely popular, and the market seems to be on an upward trajectory. Diversifying into other forms of delivery promises even further market expansion to new customer groups.

Some consumers may simply dislike the taste of coffee or the ensuing coffee breath. And in some everyday situations liquids just may not be the best choice. For instance, many drivers fret over spilling all over clothes or papers while trying to combine sipping and concentrating on the road.

Brands are indeed starting to address such concerns by diversifying into new ways of delivering that remarkable caffeine effect. Gum is an obvious choice.

There are several reasons why gum is particularly good for energy enhancement, first and foremost efficiency. Gum simply offers an ultra quick uptake.

The rapid effect of gum is a well-established fact supported by science 1). According to this study, the onset of action for gum delivery is within 5-10 minutes of administration. In contrast, the initial dose in a tablet or liquid formulation would require 30-45 minutes before the effect is noticeable.

But there are many other benefits of energy gum. Convenience is one of them.

“Gum is very convenient as it comes in such easy-to-carry formats”, says Anne Pedersen, Business Development Director at Fertin Pharma, one of the world’s leading producers of functional gum.

“Also, there is the flavour. Energy gum can be adjusted to cater to the most discerning of taste buds. We at Fertin Pharma are experts in taste masking and ensuring product characteristics such as pleasant mouth feel. On top of that, our patented gum technology is particularly developed for long lasting flavour”, she says.

Finally, there is market size. Energy gum caters to a very wide range of consumer groups. Some examples:

  • University students needing to concentrate for an exam
  • Drivers afraid of dozing off behind the wheel
  • Drivers weary of spilling hot coffee or other drinks while driving
  • Athletes wishing a boost before or during a competition
    Medical staff who need to be alert and react rapidly
  • Military personnel who need to restore alertness and performance quickly.

For brands in the energy boosting business it is about expanding possibilities for existing customers and catering to new ones. As an innovative company, Fertin Pharma knows all too well how important it is for brands to keep abreast of consumer behavior. Our energy gum offerings help companies develop broad product ranges that address all types of customer preference.

That is why we have developed a range of gum concepts with four different caffeine contents ranging from 25 to 100 mg together with B vitamins and magnesium. (Availability of the various formulations is subject to local regulation).

Moreover, our energy gum has been formulated with our patented Bi-layered compressed chewing gum technology. This innovative technology is particularly well suited for the inclusion of active ingredients due to a dry and cold manufacturing process.

Do you want to know more about Fertin Pharma’s energy gum? Click here and contact us: https://fertin.com/nutraceuticals/energy/

1) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11839447?dopt=Abstract

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