Delivering what consumers need!

Delivering what consumers need!

Delivering what consumers need: oral delivery formats for heartburn and indigestion

Bringing both efficient and consumer-friendly products to the market is not an easy task. Failing to choose an oral delivery format that align with the end-users needs and preferences, will most likely mean that your product will not take the market share you aimed for. While the little white pill, without a doubt, has proven its worth, there are many instances where alternative oral delivery formats can add significant value. Either by making a product applicable for a broader consumer segment, by prolonging product lifecycle, or simply by being the most convenient or even pleasant product and thus the preferred choice.

At Fertin Pharma, we are committed to finding new, innovative solutions. We are experts in medicated and functional chewing gum and have a long history of developing and manufacturing nicotine replacement therapy. However, nicotine chewing gum is only one of our specialties. We have developed various patented technologies that are well suited for inclusion of many types of pharmaceutical or nutraceutical ingredients, and we are continuously expanding the areas of application.

Take for example heartburn or acid reflux. You probably know the discomfort of it and experience it from time to time. For some, however, it is a recurring problem that needs treatment. Every year, around 10 billion US dollars are spent worldwide on products that relieve heartburn and indigestion by neutralizing stomach acids; the so-called antacids . Antacids are over the counter products taken orally to provide quick relieve of gastric acid reflux symptoms.

At Fertin Pharma, we have several products developed based on our patented bi-layered chewing gum technology with Calcium Carbonate or Calcium Carbonate and Magnesium Hydroxide for heartburn or acid reflux. Some of their benefits are:

• Effectively neutralizes acidity in esophagus and relieves heartburn faster and for a longer period of time.
• Convenience. Users of the chewing gum do not need access to water as is required for the suspension products.
• Developed to provide a pleasant mouthfeel and flavoured to provide a fresh mouth

At Fertin Pharma, we focus on designing products that are pleasant to use. In fact, our philosophy is that if you have a good sensory experience and are comfortable taking a product, it ultimately gives better product adherence and thus efficiency. Given the antacid market size and the current lack of good antacid chewing gum products, we believe the segment is attractive to pursue.

Fertin Pharma’s patented multi-layered compressed chewing gum technology, Medichew, allows for inclusion of a wide range of APIs due to a dry and cold manufacturing process. With this technology, we can separate API in different layers, different APIs can be released at varying rates and we can make products with long-lasting flavour. Our new revolutionary tablet format, Zapliq, liquefies when it is chewed, making it as easy to swallow as a sip of water. Children, adults and elderly in US and Germany have rated it superior to existing delivery systems. This unique formulation is suitable for taste masking APIs, making it applicable across many treatment or prevention areas.

Fertin Pharma is all about taking new concepts to commercial levels with our partners and we like to think the opportunities are endless. We are driven by delivering the solutions the market actually demands.

Do you want to know more about how medicated chewing gum can create additional tangible patient benefits? Click here or contact us.

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