Zapliq® – The revolutionary new delivery system that makes solid dosages as easy to swallow as a sip of water

Zapliq® is an innovative new format for oral delivery. When chewed the tablet rapidly liquifies making a solid oral dosage as easy to swallow as a sip of water.

Zapliq® – New format offering pleasant relief – fast!
Consumers rate new format superior to existing delivery systems and intuitively perceive Zapliq® as offering a fast onset of action. Zapliq® was tested by children, adults, and elderly in US and Germany with amazing results. The consumers found Zapliq® to offer a ‘pleasant’ experience compared to existing formats. The positive evaluations were significant across the various needs of the consumers.

Zapliq®, fast liquefiable chewable tablets from Fertin Pharma A/S on Vimeo.

The pleasant experience perceived by the consumer is the result of a new unique formulation.

The new, patented format, Zapliq®, is in its essence a chewable tablet, which, when chewed, rapidly turns into a liquid, According to consumers, this is exactly what makes Zapliq® a pleasant experience. Zapliq® is the answer to aversion and difficulties swallowing existing tablets. The unique formulation further proves suitable for taste masking a range of API’s, making it applicable across a wide range of different treatment/prevention areas as a valuable alternative to existing delivery formats.

Another interesting feature of Zapliq® is that it is perfect on the go – you don’t need water! Zapliq® offers new unique opportunities to your product portfolio.
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