Taste & Texture

As key drivers for end-user re-purchase, taste and texture are vital components to product success – even for a medicated chewing gum.

At Fertin Pharma, our chewing gum heritage has provided us with valuable knowledge that is hard to come by, which we use in our product development to create products that provide the end-user with the best possible sensory experience.

Developing chewing gum with active substances is not easy, as the active substance usually comes with a bad taste that needs to be masked. Furthermore, active substances can also have an effect on the texture of the chewing gum.

chewing gum taste and texture


To ensure that our products are tasty, we work in close cooperation with leading flavor houses and conduct sensory evaluations in our well-equipped sensory evaluation laboratory. Sensory science provides important knowledge about flavor release, taste and texture and our tests are planned, supervised and analyzed by our in-house experts. All sensory product tests are performed by internally trained panelists in laboratories designed according to ISO 8589.

Concerning texture, we develop and manufacture our own gum base which is custom-made and supplied exclusively by Fertin Pharma.

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