Medichew® Technology

Developed over the last decade, compressed chewing gum is a relatively new chewing gum technology and our patented multi-layered compressed technology (Medichew®) is best in class.

The finished product is powder based, consisting of sweeteners, flavors, color, active substances and our proprietary gum base. The manufacturing process is a Direct Compression Tableting Process similarly used in the manufacturing of traditional tablets and it is characterized as being dry and cool.

Medichew Technology


Here are some of the key benefits of our Medichew® technology:

  • Able to separate active substances in different layers
  • Can release different active substances at varying rates
  • Long-lasting flavor
  • Suitable for moisture and heat sensitive active substances
  • Simple manufacturing process

Together, these benefits allow our partners to supply world class medicated chewing gum products that are both effective and consumer-friendly.

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