Active Substance Inclusion

Chewing gum is a complex product in itself, and adding active substances brings along a completely new level of complexity with numerous challenges. This is why our 30 years of experience with medicated chewing gum is so important.

In terms of including active substances in chewing gum, the biggest potential benefit is the fact that active substances can be absorbed buccally via the oral mucosa, a thin membrane lining the inside of the mouth. This mode of action enables a systemic absorption, bypassing the first-pass metabolism which in turn provides a more rapid and sometimes more complete absorption. Thus, chewing gum delivery is ideal when the aim is a fast onset of action or improving bioavailability.

Active Substance Inclusion


Although not all active substances are supported by this absorption method, we know of many substances that are, such as nicotine, caffeine and vitamin C.

One of the challenging aspects of developing medicated chewing gum is release. As chewing gum does not always provide optimal release of active substances, especially when dealing with lipophilic, fat soluble substances, we need to employ certain techniques.

At Fertin Pharma, our many years of research have given us an extensive understanding of release mechanisms, enabling us to develop chewing gum with optimal release, intensity and longevity. With support from suppliers and knowledge centers, our internal specialists implement effective release mechanisms into our products enabling us to further develop our understanding of such mechanisms.